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A Guide to Las Vegas Hotel Reservations

Las Vegas has proven to be one of the most popular vacation spots in the entire continental United States and its popularity continues to grow among gamblers and non-gamblers alike. There is much more to see and do in Las Vegas than play cards and sit at slot machines, and sometimes, those activities do not require you to leave your hotel. Also, many of the hotels on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip have many convenient ways for you to book your stay at their hotel, making your trip a little easier. There is an old Las Vegas saying that goes, "There's a winner born every minute." Let this be your guide to the selection and booking of a Las Vegas hotel that will suit your needs perfectly.

Gambling, gambling and more gambling

One of the first questions visitors ask when they come to Vegas is "Where's the nearest casino?" to which most Las Vegans reply "Right outside your front door!" And no wonder- it seems like a casino is on every block of Las Vegas's brightly-lit streets. More than 80 percent of people coming to Las Vegas come to gamble, and each one spends in excess of 600 dollars on the average. The gambling industry alone is worth over $20 billion.

If you want to come to Las Vegas to gamble, perhaps a casino hotel is the place for you. Additionally, these casino hotels offer more than just gambling. Shows, spas, video arcades, and five-star restaurants are all standard fare. Naturally, the rooms themselves are luxurious.

Most casino hotels offer booking with the assistance of a travel agent or over the Internet. In some cases, reservations can also be made through phone or e-mail. Ask your local travel guide for more details.

Non-casino resorts and hotels

For non-gamblers, Las Vegas has many other options regarding accommodations. All the typical Las Vegas fare is included at these hotels--that means shows, swimming pools, and high-class food. Some hotels even have theme parks and malls inside them. If these kinds of hotels are more to your taste, they can easily be contacted by phone or e-mail.

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