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American Airlines Has A Fleet Of 666 Jet Aircraft - Maybe They Should Add One?

So you ask how big is American Airlines? Well, depending on who you ask they say that they have a fleet of between 660 to 669 Aircraft, one mechanic I asked at an International airport said that they had 666 aircraft. He said he was a Christian but did not care because he is retiring soon.

From an economic standpoint, it is time for American Airlines to completely update its fleet to the newest Boeing Aircraft because they are the most efficient in the World and must safer, as well as need so much less maintenance than the comparable Airbus (same number of seats). Aircraft which can operated with less cost in fuel and maintenance make sense if American Airlines is to survive into the future.

Currently, we see lobbying for more regulation from government to help some of the larger more well established air-carriers, but in reality what they really need is to be more competitive and more efficient. Today, it is about Global Competition and adding regulations in the US to protect our Airlines will be reciprocated by more anti-US company regulations in foreign markets.

American Airlines and even United Airlines for that matter must realize that relying on past period corporate regulatory barrier theology in the future period will stall even the largest of companies. What will it cost to upgrade these huge fleets of aircraft? Well, a lot less than getting fat, dumb, lazy and cozy with regulators in an attempt to Adam Smith their way into the aviation history books. Efficiency is God and the Devil is in the Details. Sincerely, Lance.

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