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Cheap Vacation Flights to Kenya - Kenya Cheap Flights From Dubai - Middle East - USA - Canada & UK

Middle East

Coming from the Middle East, Kenya Airways and Egypt Airways serve the Cairo ĖNairobi route several times a week. Kenya Airways also flies regularly to Istanbul and Dubai. Emirates and Gulf Air both have numerous flights to Nairobi from airports throughout the Middle East.

Oman Air has twice-weekly flights from Dubai and Muscat to Mombasa and African Air express flies an unusual route between Nairobi and Dubai via Eldoret and Mogadishu. The following are recommended travel agencies
∑ Al-Rais Travels
∑ Egypt Panorama Tours 02 359 0200
∑ Israel Student Travel Association 020 625 7257
∑ Orion Tour in Istanbul

Flights to Kenya from North America

All flights from North America to Nairobi go via Europe. Through tickets are easy to get from travel agents, but itís often cheaper to buy a discounted ticket to London, Amsterdam or Brussels and then connect to Kenya from There.

From the USA, North West airlines is affiliated with KLM and Kenya airways and offers speedy connections through London or Amsterdam to East Africa. Return tickets to Nairobi from New York can cost as little as US$1300 in the low season; from Los Angeles, a return ticket costs about US$ 1500. Fares from Canada are about 105 more, KLM and British Airways offer flights from Toronto to Nairobi.

Discount travel agents in the USA are known as consolidators. San Francisco is ticket consolidator capital of America, although some good deals can be found in Los Angeles, New York and some other big cities. Travel cuts are Canadaís national student travel agency. The following agencies are recommended for online bookings
∑ Cheaptickets.com
∑ Expedia.ca
∑ Expedia.com
∑ Itn.net
∑ Lowestfare.com
∑ Orbitz.com
∑ Sta.com
∑ Travelocity.ca
∑ Travelocity.com

Flights to Kenya from UK & Ireland

Discount air travel is a big business in London. Advertisements for many travel agencies appear in the travel pages of the weekend broadsheet newspapers, in the Time Out and Evening Standard, and in the free TNT magazine.

Charter flights can work out as a cheaper alternative to scheduled flights and the package may include accommodation, which you arenít obliged to use if you want to travel around the country. Recommended travel agents include the following:
∑ Bridge the world 08704447474
∑ Flight centre 08708908099
∑ Flightbookers 08708144001
∑ North-South Travel 01245-608291
∑ Quest Travel 08704423542
∑ STA Travel 08701600599
∑ Trail finders
Travel Bag 08708901456

Summer holiday tickets are incidentally cheaper for the UK & Ireland vacationers since their summer corresponds with low price regimes and high availability. The North American travelers are however disadvantaged by both the long distances hence more expensive tickets and low availability and peak season fluctuations.

Itís therefore advisable to at least book your Kenya vacation & holiday flights well in advance. Six months would be ideal, but even earlier is recommended.

Always remember to reconfirm your return tickets in the high vacation seasons from Kenya. If you donít do it personally let your Kenya tour operator or Kenya Travel agent take the hassle away from you.

Have your self an enjoyable Kenya safari.

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