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Continental Airlines: The Greatest Way to Fly

In your attempts to find discount airline tickets or at least low cost airline tickets we recommend that you check out Continental Airlines. I fly a lot and found that to get the most for my dollar I have to go with this airline. First of all they have the best rates that I can find on the flights that go to the majority of the places that I fly to and even in the few instances that Continental Airlines is not the cheapest place for the airline tickets that I want I can go to the last minute airline tickets websites and see how low Continental Airlines is already willing to go on the tickets that I am hoping to get. Once I have that number in hand I can contact Continental Airlines and get them to give the same rate to me. I am not really trust of some of the discount airline ticket websites but I do trust Continental Airlines as a company so I book through them. The one thing is that as much a Continental Airlines will do to help the customer they will not seem to give me the same price as the discount websites unless I present the figure to them. What I mean is that if I approach Continental Airlines and ask them to give me the best rate they can they usually give me the lowest price on airline tickets that they display on their site or through the travel agents. However, if I get the airfare rates from a different source and present them with what I found and where I found it I find that they will happily give the rate to me as well. It is a funny little game but it works. I do want to caution you that this technique works the best when the flight is not far away. The reason is that these companies drop the fares for airline tickets more and more as the flight gets closer. The people with the most open schedule tend to get the best deals.

This is not to say that if you have a tight schedule you cannot find cheap rates on flying. Continental Airlines has some of the best airline rates in the business and they fly just about anywhere and have a huge amount of daily flights to these places. Just check them out and give them a shot. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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