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Details of the Continental Airlines Credit Card Application

If you are a frequent traveler with Continental Airlines and have a great credit history behind you than this is the credit card that will be suit your needs. When you become a card holder you will begin earning 1air mile per every dollar that you spend using your Continental Airlines credit card. These air miles can accumulate quickly!

Continental Airlines also offers their cardholders the chance to earn double the air miles when they make purchases at any restaurants or merchants partnered with Continental and even when you purchase tickets through Continental. With your very first purchase Continental Airlines credit card gives you a bonus 15,000 air miles to get you started. The great aspect about this card is that your miles can never expire and there is no limit on how many miles you can earn in a year. There are some other air miles cards which place limits on your air miles; this is a great benefit of this card.

This card does however have a high annual fee of $85 as well as above average interest rates. In the first 6months of owning this credit card you are rewarded with lower interest rates on general purchases and transfers.

As like many of the competitor air miles cards, you can expect that the Continental Airlines credit card offers a great deal of other travel necessities as added bonuses. Including:

Up to $1,000,000 in travel insurance

Auto rental insurance

Purchase protection and security

These benefits are great necessities for anyone on their travels and they can be earned just by using your Continental Airline credit card. The final benefit that sets this card aside from any other card, including any platinum card is that is has no pre-set spending limit for first time approvals. This is a feature that many people look for before applying for any credit card as credit card with spending limits can become a bit of a hassle, especially if you use your card on a regular basis. The Continental Airlines credit card has the benefits to satisfy any customer.

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Source: www.articledashboard.com