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Discount Airfare

It doesn't matter whether you are a new traveler or a frequent flyer when it comes to discounted airfare. Despite traveling frequently by air, you might be spending much larger amount on airfare than a new traveler.

There are two ways to get a discounted airfare. One is to get in touch with the airlines directly and find the discounts offered by them. Sometimes airlines offer discounted airfare on certain routes or to travelers flying frequently. You might go to the online ticket counter of this airline and purchase your tickets.

But many airline wholesalers and consolidators offer greater discounts. They purchase airlines tickets in bulk at very low rates and pass on this price cut to the consumers. There are several websites where you can find consolidators or wholesalers. You fill in certain details to find out whether the ticket of your choice is available or not. Then you can get this ticket reserved in advance at a much cheaper rate by making online payments. There is a sort of "double discount" on such tickets, since when you are flying on discounted tickets you are still earning frequent flyer miles.

Not all travelers are comfortable with the idea of purchasing a ticket through a consolidator or wholesaler. The general fear among such people is that if they get their tickets booked this way, the reservation might not be confirmed and so they might have to miss their flight. But this is a misconception, as once you have received your booking confirmation, it doesn't matter whether you have bought the ticket from the ticket counter of an airline or from a consolidator.

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