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Discount Travel Cards

Discount travel cards are cards that allow a person to get discount not only on travel, but on many other facilities too. Individuals, including students, may use it. As a matter of fact, students who migrate from one country to another for further studies mostly use them.

In Australia, there are many kinds of discount travel cards available to a student. The Hull University offers discount travel cards for the resident students to take advantage of discounts on bus fares to travel back and forth to school and other places.

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) and International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) cards are discounted travel cards that are internationally recognized. These are valued discount cards that are available to those students who are pursuing a full time education. It allows discounts on tickets to cinemas, air flights, and tour and travel options and also for adventure activities. At the same time, there are some businessmen who do not entertain this type of discount travel card. To deal with this issue, there is another discount travel card that is being introduced called the International Student Travel Card (ISTC.)

ISEC guarantees ten to fifty percent discounts from many participating businesses including museums, restaurants, hotels, and buses and specified air routes. These cards also provide flight insurance for travelers to help them deal with issues like bankruptcy on the flight and other related issues. The cards usually cost $25 or more and are normally valid for a period of one year.

Different countries may have their own discount travel cards that can be used by the people of that country. You will also find New Zealand discount travel cards and Korean discount travel cards.

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