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Flights of Fancy in Barcelona

You'd be forgiven for thinking you'd stepped into another world when you set foot in Spain's second largest city, Barcelona. The historic Mediterranean city still bears signs of its Roman beginnings which contrast beautifully with the later 19th century Gothic architecture located in the heart of the city.

Located in the very north of Spain, bordered by the Mediterranean sea, Barcelona is a thriving cosmopolitan city which manages to keep up the pace of modern international tastes while retaining it's fascinating history. Served by the impressive Barcelona airport, cheap flights to Barcelona are easy to come by, with most UK airlines landing there.

Barcelona is the city with something for everyone. Whatever your tastes are, there'll be something to interest you. If a simple sun holiday is your preference, Barcelona, being on the coast, has a myriad of beaches all with individual charm and style. For the culture-vultures, there's an impressive line-up of museums, theatres, concert halls and opera houses. And if you just want to hit the shops, pay a visit to La Rambla, the 1.2km long shopping boulevard for which Barcelona is renowned.

Accommodation in the city is ample, and very reasonably priced. A choice of hostel, hotel or apartment means that you can have whatever type of holiday you wish. Now there are cheap flights to Barcelona available, it's easy to have the perfect holiday without spending more than you can afford. Booking at the last minute can secure you even more money off flights and accommodation.

Of course, getting cheap flights to Barcelona doesn't mean you have to stay in Barcelona. The city is located close to Costa Brava and Costa Dorada, both of which have their own appeal for young and old. The Costa Brava is a rugged coastline, often termed the wild country, whereas Dorada is cleaner, tamer, and a great place for family entertainment.

So whatever your tastes, head to Spain's northern coast this year for a holiday you'll never forget.

J Tillotson is a UK-based travel writer

Source: www.ezinearticles.com