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Golf Travel Case: Travel in Style

A golf travel case is a necessity for any golfer that travels. Not only are golf clubs heavy and awkward to lug around, it is very difficult when carrying other luggage on a trip.

Most golfers like using their own golf clubs so a golf travel case is just the answer. There are a few different kinds of golf travel cases with some better for airline travel and others for automobile travel.

The hard golf travel cases are a little pricier but are the best for airline travel as they can take lots of rough handling. When you fly, you have no idea how they put your golf clubs on or off the plane. A hard golf travel case is the best way to protect your golf clubs when flying.

Soft golf travel cases are more flexible so for traveling by car, they are ideal. They are a little less expensive than the hard golf travel case but are far easier to store when you arrive at your destination as they fold up into a small bundle.

When looking for a golf travel case to buy, here are a few things to look for:

1. Whether it is a hard or soft case, make sure they have a fully padded interior from bottom to top, as you do not want your golf clubs damaged.

2. Golf travel cases with a padlock and an I.D. window are very handy.

3. Make sure the stitching is double on the soft golf travel cases.

4. Double latches or zippers opening from top to bottom will make the case more accessible.

Golf travel cases with lots of pockets give you extra storage for your golf items. Locked recessed golf shoe pockets, expandable outside pockets and padlocks for all zippers is something to look into.

Golf travel cases need wheels, preferable inline skate wheels as your do not want them to break down. Handles along the side, top and bottom help in carrying the golf travel case. Lastly, a golf travel case should be waterproof.

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