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Home Schooling and the Discovery Channel Advantage

Did you know that there are those who have the equivalent of a four-year degree in World History simply by watching the History Channel? It is true. I have often met such folks who online who have an incredible amount of knowledge only because they have watched all the History Channel programs which often repeat every so often.

But how can someone sit down and watch all these programs, as that is a huge time commitment indeed. Well I have, as I leave the Satellite TV on in the background while working on my computer. Now I can say that I watched every Discovery Channel, History Channel, Science, NOVA series, Wings, etc. and do believe that is an excellent basis for knowledge, more people should do that.

Now then it appears as schools are strapped for cash, movie projectors and other teaching tools that the home schooled child may indeed have an advantage as well, by simply being put in front of the TV set tuned to the Discovery Channel each day. Too simplistic you think? Well, often kids have the Television running in the background, why not tune it to something worthy; something like the Discovery Channel. Consider this in 2006.

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Source: www.isnare.com