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How to Get a Discount Disney Cruise Package

There are several ways to get a discount on your Disney cruise package. If you are working with a travel agent, tell your agent how much you want to spend on your cruise package. Let them find the best deal for you. Additional options are available if you decide to schedule your vacation yourself.

One of the best ways to locate discount Disney cruise packages is to search for online deals. Make sure the discount price does not affect the quality of the package. Discount should never mean cheap. It should be less expensive.

When planning a trip on Disney Cruise Line, be sure you are working with an authorized Disney vacation planner. You may be able to get immediate discounts on Disney cruise packages if you have purchased such packages in the past. For example, if this is your third Disney cruise, you might be able to get 10% off the regular cruise price. Ask your vacation planner about frequent purchaser discounts.

Another discount Disney cruise package is the combined sea and land package. This package combines land visits to Disney's Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Disney MGM-Studios, and EPCOT with cruise tours. These discount packages give you benefits of two types of Disney visits at a combined reduced price.

Discounts may be available depending on the time of year you schedule your cruise. Discounts are more likely during off-seasons such as during winter months, particularly December. Your Disney vacation planner is able to find the best discounts for you for the specific time period during which you want to go on the cruise.

There are special discounts available for Florida families. There are also discounts available for military families. Keep in mind that most discounts are for the actual cruise itself. Discounts do not include airfare or ground transfers. You can find discounts for your air travel costs, but you will have to locate these separate from the cruise package. Be aware that most discounts do not include gratuities.

Finding a discount Disney cruise package has never been easier. Work with a Disney vacation planner to get the best deal for you and your family. You are likely to find better deals through other travel agents than planning your cruise directly through Disney Cruise Lines.

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