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RV Campground Reservations

Do you need to make campground reservations? Whether youíre planning to stay in a public or private campground the answer, in my opinion, is always yes. Make a campground reservation!

I was disappointed more than once before I discovered the secret of making reservations well in advance of a scheduled trip. Even when you are just traveling through an area to your final destination you should try to plan every stop along the way and make advance reservations. When youíre tired and need some rest youíll be glad you did.

Making reservations in advance not only assures you there will be a campsite available when you arrive, but you can make other important arrangements too. You can request a site large enough to accommodate your RV and tow vehicle, or a pull through site versus a site you would need to back into. You can make sure the site has the proper electrical hook up for your RV, or make sure you get a full hook-up rather than a partial hook-up. You might want a site with a telephone line or a campground with wireless internet access. If you just cross your fingers and pull into the campground late in the afternoon, without reservations, there is a good chance youíll be turned away or get a site you really donít care for.

Campground reservations need to be made well in advance during the busy time of the year (May through August) and itís smart to make reservations during the slow time of the year too. That way you can always get your favorite site, or a shady site in the summer time, or the best waterfront site at the state park you go to. Believe me there are a lot of other RVers with their eye on the same site you want.

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