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Student Discount Airfare

Most airlines offer students heavy discounts in airfare, for domestic as well as overseas flights. Some airlines have separate categories of student airfare in which the discounts could be more than 70 percent off the actual price of the ticket. So, if you are a student, a London-to-Rome flight could cost possibly you less than $30.

To be able to purchase tickets under the student airfare category, one has to provide student ID or other forms of documentation, which are then verified by the airlines or their agents. Once your student status is confirmed, you can get cheaper airfare.

These tickets can be purchased online or over the telephone. If a student has booked an e-ticket he or she should not worry about missing the flight because of an availability of seat.

Though student airfares are generally available for students of all age groups, in some cases the discounted airfare could be available only to students under a certain age. Also, students studying through distance-learning courses should check with the airline whether they qualify for such discounts or not.

There are certain online sources where e-tickets are sold for students only. One can become a member of these sites and get higher discounts. The discounts offered for students may vary from season to season. It also depends, to a certain extent, on which route a student is planning to travel. These discounts are not offered to the general public, but are exclusively meant for students only. If you are below 18 years of age, check with the travel agent or by browsing on the internet whether you yourself can go and purchase a ticket or someone else from you family has to do it because in many cases minors might not bet allowed to purchase air tickets directly.

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