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The Lowdown on the Continental Airlines Credit Card

The Continental Airlines World MasterCard from Chase is one of the few cards that truly benefit its cardholders. As long as the applicant has a good credit rating and does not mind an annual fee, they will surely enjoy being a customer of the Continental Airlines credit card. Card users are able to accumulate a great number of points at a faster rate through the use of this credit card as compared to any other travel rewards credit card in the market.

For one thing, you are credited with reward points for just about anything you do with the card. In fact, upon approval of your card and your first purchase, you will receive a 15,000 OnePass miles credited directly into your account within 2 months of your purchase. Apart from that, you will also receive points just for paying your annual fee - 10,000 OnePass Miles for an $85 fee. Plus, you will be able awarded two miles for every dollar that you charge to your Continental Airlines credit card when you dine at any of the 10,000 selected restaurants worldwide.

In addition to point rewards, the Continental Airlines credit card also helps card holders save on their air fares. There is an automatic discount of 5% on all Continental airfares purchased from their online website within the first year of attaining the card. In addition to that, the card also entitles you to a $99 companion ticket once you have made $5,000 worth of purchases. Other features worth mentioning are the introductory APR of 7.99% for the first half a year and also no spending limit imposed.

All in all, this card has great benefits for a card user who intends to keep it for only the first year. Sadly, this credit card company makes no attempt to retain their customers after the first year despite the high annual fees year after year.

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Source: www.isnare.com