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Travel Mexico

Traveling in Mexico can be an overwhelming experience. Mexico offers the best of both worlds –rich ancient heritage as well as modern cities equipped with all amenities that travelers seek. The terrain and climate in Mexico varies from rocky deserts in the north to tropical rain forest in the south, a traveler's delight. Many consider Mexico an excellent choice for retirees.

Travel in Mexico should be defined by your choice. For the nature traveler there is a wide range of options. Travelers can choose to take a long drive deep inside Mexico, meeting people and driving through serene stretches of nature. For the traveler who is awed with history, the travel itinerary might include places like the Historic Center, Zocalo, the National Palace, the Templo Mayor, Mexico City Museum, San Ildefonso Museum, Alameda Park, Madero, Iturbide Palace, National Art Museum, etc.

However, regardless of your travel tastes, travel to Mexico is usually considered incomplete without a visit to Mexico City. It is hailed as being amongst the world's largest metropolises, and also the oldest urban center in the Western Hemisphere.

US citizens traveling to Mexico do not require a passport. They only need to present proof of citizenship and photo identification. Travelers, however, are recommended to carry a valid passport to reduce inconveniences. For the ones who wish to travel to Mexico in their cars, a temporary import permit must be obtained from the Mexican Customs office at the port of entry, or any one of the Mexican Consulates located in the US.

Although Mexico is considered a year-round destination, hotels in Mexico usually work on two seasons. The high season starts from December 15 through Easter, and the low season is the rest of the year. The best bargains thus can happen around late spring, summer, and fall. Whatever is the time of your visit or the theme of your travel, Mexico is one of the choicest locations in the world.

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