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Impact of Low Cost Airlines Results in Record Number of Flights

Before the arrival of Low cost airlines, the travel market was relatively stagnant. However, all that has changed now there are numerous companies offering their customers the chance to fly to various locations around the world for a cut-back price.

The main reason they can offer this is due to their cost cutting strategies. They use the term "no-frills" because of the lack of extras to you get included in the price, such as no meals or drinks. Using secondary airports and having short turn around times means that low cost airlines can cut their overheads and offer cheap flights to destinations around the world. The arrival of low cost airlines saw an increase year on year and in 2007, according to Eurocontrol, flights within Europe reached an all time record of 10 million passengers which was a 5.3% increase on 2006 figures.

European flights are the choice for many using low cost carriers, this is causing the traditional airlines to react and try to lower their prices. It has been harder for the traditional airlines to achieve this as they are not able to offer the same level of prices as the lost cost airlines. Many customers are choosing to go to Eastern European countries, which in the past have been relatively unpopular but have seen growth of up to 20% in some areas.

Whilst low cost airlines may be the preferred choice of people flying within Europe, the traditional airlines are able to offer something the low cost airlines are not and that is the chance to see more of the world with long haul flights, with offers such as cheap flights to Sydney and many other destinations, customers can travel in comfort and have a high level of service. A competitive market equals a competitive price on your flights but be sure to shop around and get the best deals.

Source: www.a1articles.com