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Locating the Cheapest Airline Tickets

With summer approaching many families are eager to start looking for the best places to find airfare; to destinations like Florida, Caribbean, Mexico, and other places to catch fun in the sun.

The internet provides numerous resources in locating discounted airfare. But website to locate discount airline tickets is Travel By Deals. TravelByDeals.com publishes internet travel specials for airline tickets, cruises, hotels, vacations, and rental cars.

As the price of airline tickets has increased with the cost of fuel, airline bankruptcies, consolidations and airline closings, the market has decreased and fares are higher. The top airlines to find the lowest price on airline tickets are all low-fare carriers who are now setting the bar for traditional airlines to follow.

Spirit Airlines – Spirit Airlines may be a small airline with a hub in Fort Lauderdale, FL. But they fly to a lot of destinations in the Caribbean, and Mexico. With an impressive streak of deals, Spirit always impresses consumers with flights as low as $9, which often occurs bi-monthly. On a weekly basis you should be able to find fares from Spirit as low as $29 if you catch their “Syber Specials”

Airtran Airways - With most of the United States covered, Airtran can get you where you need to go. Visit travel sites weekly and your likely to see their discounted $44 specials. They do not service markets outside the United States except for Grand Bahama Island, but if Florida, New York, Vegas, or California is your destination you should consider Airtran Airways.

And the last airline to top the list in finding discount airline tickets is Jetblue Airways – Customer service and low fares all wrapped up in a blue and white plane, Jetblue has wonderful discounted fares. Jetblue not only has discounted fares, but offers FREE in-flight entertainment (Direct TV Satellite Monitors) at every seat. Jetblue serves a lot of destinations like the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. This fairly new discount carrier always has fares from $49 and they also cover a lot Northern America.

These wonderful deals and more are always published online at http://www.travelbydeals.com Travel By Deals is the premier internet publisher of travel deals from the best names in travel. We do not endorse these airlines. We at Travel By Deals observed a trend in these airlines providing discount travel accommodations for consumers.

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