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Details Of The British Airways Credit Card Application

British Airways Credit Card, issued by Chase, is the perfect card for those who fly on British Airways. There are many perks for those who use this card responsibly.

The annual fee of the British Airways Credit Card is $75. This annual fee is average for this kind of rewards credit card.

There is a 4.9% interest offer on all balance transfers and purchases for the first five months. The variable APR of 16.99% for purchases is a bit high for such a card. The variable APR on cash advances jumps slightly to 22.74%. The finance charges are applied to any purchases that are not paid for within the first 20 days, and there are charges for other services like cash advances and balance transfers. Late payment fees are assessed when they occur.

The bonus program associated with this card offers two travel miles when you travel on British Airways. One travel mile is awarded for everyday purchases. You start out with 15,000 bonus miles when you make your first purchase on the card. A nice feature is that you can earn as many points a year as you like and the miles you earn do not expire so long as your frequent flyer account has some activity every three years. You can use your bonus miles on British Airways or any of their partner airlines.

Other perks of the British Airways Credit Card are up to $1,000,000 in travel accident insurance, auto rental insurance, and insurance for lost luggage. There is also no pre-set spending limit, with purchases being authorized base on spending and payment history. With the card you can also receive a free companion ticket on British Airways for every FIRST, Club World or World Traveler Plus round-trip ticket at the regular price.

The British Airways Visa Signature Card is a good choice of cards when you travel frequently and use British Airways.

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