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Travel Trailers - Low Cost RVing in Luxury

If you have always wanted to own an RV but the cost scared you off, travel trailers may be the option you are looking for. The prices can start as low as $20,000 for a brand new (but basic) trailer and the ultra deluxe travel trailers can be purchased for under $100,000. This is much less than most of the motorized RVs you will find on the road. Here is some information about travel trailers that you might find helpful in your search for the perfect recreational vehicle:

Length: These trailers usually range in length from about 15 feet to around 30 feet with some exceptions. Length is an important consideration based on where you will be using your travel trailer and also storing it.

Features: The most basic trailer will have a small kitchen area with a cook top and a sink and small refrigerator. As you get into the pricier models you may find a full stove and a large fridge and maybe even a dishwasher. Most travel trailers don’t have bedding for more than 2 to 4 people but they usually offer a queen size bed. Bath area may just be a shower and a toilet or it may have a small tub and sink as well. The higher-end models will have more entertainment options as well including stereos, DVD players and large televisions. The price you pay for travel trailers really can make a difference in the features available to you.

Towing: In order to tow travel trailers you will need to make sure that your vehicle is rated to carry the extra weight of the trailer when it is loaded and the gas tank is full. For some of the longer trailers you will need a truck or SUV, but some of the smaller trailers may be pulled by a small truck or mid-size car. The tow hitch and stabilizers you use should also be rated for the weight of the trailer.

Maneuverability: Find out about any special regulations on towing travel trailers in the locations where you will be using the trailer. You should also test yourself before you buy, on moving the trailer around. Most travel trailers have safety features to help prevent swaying but it is still different than driving a car without towing something behind it.

A towable RV is a great option for those who are just starting in the RV market and are not sure if they want something really big, but they want something comfortable. They are good for weekend trips or cross-country camping expeditions. Families with young children and older couples enjoying retirement will find things to appeal to them. Take a look!

Source: www.isnare.com