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There are many places in the world to visit. One of the most exciting places for world travel is New York City. World travel is not World travel until you have visited New York City.

People who have traveled the world have reason to love New York City. This amazing city shows up time and time again on lists of most popular world travel destinations.

New York City has something to offer everyone. Start with the sights. You could spend weeks seeing all the interesting buildings, museums and monuments. There are wonderful sight-seeing packages that make seeing the sights easy to do.

There are many parts of the city to explore. You will see diverse cultures and find interesting and unique shops. Most areas of the city are easily reached with public transportation.

The shopping in New York City is quite extraordinary. You can gaze at some of the most expensive jewelry and clothing in the world and you can also find reasonably priced items in many of the shops and boutiques. If you enjoy food, you will love New York City. There are stores that offer every kind of food imaginable. Look for spices, coffee, tea, meats, cheeses and chocolate. Many of the stores will ship your items home.

You will also find unbelievable dining possibilities. Any kind of food you wish to eat can be found in New York City. From the hotdog carts on the sidewalks to the first class restaurants, dining in New York City is a treat.

Last but not least are the musical and dramatic experiences. Excellent Broadway and off-Broadway productions abound. You can always find a wonderful musical venue in New York City.

World travel is not complete until you visit New York City.

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